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The Birds of America,
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Royal Octavo Edition

The Birds of America, Amsterdam Edition

The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America

The Quadrupeds of North America

The Natural History of
Carolina, etc., Catesby

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The Birds of America, Abbeville, Ariel, and Princeton Editions Natural History Collectibles The Viviparous Quadrupeds
of North America
Southart-Parkway Edition

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All books in this list are in generally good condition for used books unless described otherwise. All books not described as to size are approximately 8 vo (6 x 9 inches), the standard size. Other size symbols used include the smaller 12 mo (4 x 6 inches), the larger 4 to (9 x 12 inches) and folio (12 x 18 inches). These books are from my own collection to be offered to my clients only. I am not a bookman, listings represent my best effort!! A few of those listed are still in print. Ask for better descriptions!  Prices do not include shipping. ~ Ed Kenney

Adams, Alexander B., JOHN JAMES AUDUBON, 510 pages, Putnam, NY,1966, biography. $10

Audubon, John J., JOURNAL OF JOHN JAMES AUDUBON, 1929, Two volumes, 1820-21 and 1840-43, in original green cloth with paper labels, Boston, Club of Odd Volumes. Edited by Howard Corning. Limited to 350 sets.  $150

Boehme, Sarah JOHN JAMES AUDUBON IN THE WEST, The last Expedition, Mammals of North America, 2000, Buffalo Bill Museum, small folio about Audubon’s western explorations and drawings on that trip, Abraham Press, 198 pages. $45

Braun, Nancy and Robert, AN AUDUBON CONCORDANCE, Migration Through the Plate Numbers, 1999, covers Havell, Bien and Octavo bird editions, with past and current bird names and identification of plants. Paperback. $25

Cassin, John ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE BIRDS OF CALIFORNIA, TEXAS, OREGON, BRITISH AND RUSSIAN AMERICA, 1991, 297 pages, large 8vo, Texas State Historical Assn. Reprint of Cassin’s l856 color plate octavo edition offered as an extension of Audubon’s birds. $45

Chancellor, John, AUDUBON; A BIOGRAPHY, 1978, attractive 224 page book on Audubon’s life, beautifully illustrated. $10

Clark, Taylor and Bannon, Lois, HANDBOOK OF AUDUBON PRINTS, 1980’s and l990’s, various editions of this informative handbook explaining Audubon’s various publications with plate lists, 127 pages, Pelican Press. $10

Dover Press, THE BIRDS OF AMERICA, 7 vol paperback edition of the 1840-44 octavo edition, black and white illustrations, text includes bird biographies. $65

Feduccia, Alan , CATESBY’s BIRDS OF COLONIAL AMERICA, 1985, Univ. of NC Press, brief biography of Catesby and printing of all his plates and some of text. Hardcover, $85; paperback, $20

Ford, Alice, JOHN JAMES AUDUBON, 488 pages, Univ. of Oklahoma Press, 1964, cloth. The most definitive account of Audubon’s life and times. $25

Ford, Alice, AUDUBON’S ANIMALS, 222 pages, 4to, 1951, green cloth, color and black and white plates. An account of the work and publication of Audubon and Bachman’s quadruped editions. $25

Happoldt, Christopher, THE CHRISTOPHER HAPPOLDT JOURNAL, 1960, Charleston Museum, scarce, account of his 1838 European trip with the Rev. Dr. John Bachman, 214 pages, 12 mo, blue cloth. $125

Herrick, Francis Hobart, AUDUBON THE NATURALIST, paperback of the above. Second edition, 1968. $25

Hume, Edgar E., ORNITHOLOGISTS OF THE US ARMY MEDICAL CORPS, Johns Hopkins Press, 1942, cloth cover, illustrated, 579 pages, Ohio State Library. $150.

Lank, David M., AUDUBON’S WILDERNESS PALETTE, The Birds of Canada, 1998, Toronto, Canada, small folio of Audubon’s life and plates and descriptions of some of birds found in Canada. $25

Low, Susanne, AN INDEX AND GUIDE TO AUDUBON’S BIRDS OF AMERICA,1988, Abbeville Press, a study of the bird folio by plate. $25

Low, Susanne, A GUIDE TO AUDUBON’S BIRDS, 2002, small folio, published by William Reese, New Haven, Conn. and Donald Heald, NY, concordance containing current names of the birds, plate names, descriptions, variants, plus description of Bien edition, l858-60, 380 pages. By far best research on double-elephant folio plates. $45

Matthiessen, Peter, WILDLIFE IN AMERICA, 1959, Viking Press, New York. First comprehensive history of natural life of North America, 300 pages. $15

Meyers, Amy, ART AND SCIENCE IN AMERICA, 1998, 204 pages, Huntington, CA library, covers early naturalists, paperback. $25

McDermott, John F. AUDUBON IN THE WEST, 1965, Univ. of Okla press, a very interesting account of Audubon’s trip west compiled and edited by McDermott, using Audubon’s own accounts and those of his associates, including data uncovered recently. $25

Mearns, Barbara and Richard, JOHN KIRK TOWNSEND, 2007, printed in Scotland, a beautiful folio book, 388 pages, many color plates. Details the life of Townsend and especially his contributions to Audubon’s work. Expertly researched and illustrated, a must for Audubon collectors. $145

Nuttall, Thomas, A POPULAR HANDBOOK OF THE BIRDS OF THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA, 1905, Boston, Little Brown, first copyright in 1891, blue cloth, 430 pages. $15

Peattie, Donald, AUDUBON’S AMERICA, 319 pages, 4to, blue cloth. A short biography of Audubon plus much of Audubon’s own writings. 16 nice color plates. $25

Peattie, Donald, AUDUBON’S AMERICA, first edition, white cloth, signed by author, boxed. $45.

Townsend, John Kirk, NARRATIVE OF A JOURNEY ACROSS THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS, 1839, First Edition, Philadelphia, damaged. $95

Tyler, Ron, AUDUBON'S GREAT NATIONAL WORK, 1993, scarce work which gives the most complete account of the execution of Audubon's 1840-44 octavo edition, a must for collectors of these prints. $125

Waterton, Charles, NATURAL HISTORY ESSAYS, 631 pages, large 12mo, green cloth with gilt decorations, London, no date – probably late 1800’s, leather and board. $85

Weiss, Harry B. and Ziegler, Grace, THOMAS SAY, EARLY AMERICAN NATURALIST, father of zoology who was pioneer in discovery of American treasures, known best for American Entomology,1931, Thomas Company. 250 pages. $20

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