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The Quadrupeds of North America

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Collecting Audubons

Join a very select group – become an Audubon collector. There will never be another John James Audubon.   America will not receive any more paintings or prints from this great naturalist and artist highlighting the discovery of our nation's birds and animals.  Today, of the approximately 180 complete copies of the Double Elephant Folio published in London by Audubon, about 120 sets survive and of these about 107 are in public institutions such as the Library of Congress and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. A very few (about 13) are in private hands.  These large bird prints, along with the animal folios and the miniature editions of our animals and birds are obviously limited and thus rising in price.  They represent American history in its finest sense and in coming years will be scarce.  Yet many are still within the financial means of a great body of collectors.  I simply tell my customers, "Own a piece of America's history; buy an original Audubon print."

We are offering some of the prints from Audubon's first great work, the large folio Birds of America; his second work, The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America; and a selection from the miniature edition of the birds and animals - all original Audubon prints.  In addition, we have a selection from the very important double elephant folio Bien edition. This chromolithographical work was published in New York by Audubon’s sons between 1858 and 1860. Because of their scarcity and being published in the United States, these prints are rising in importance.

We also offer prints from the works of bird artists Mark Catesby, Alexander Wilson, Johann Seligmann and John Cassin. In addition, we sell some excellent Audubon facsimiles from the 1972 Amsterdam Edition, Giclee’ facsimiles of some highest demand images and less expensive full-size reproductions.

While the scarcity of Audubons limits their availability in the print trade, you will find it entertaining to drop in to print or antique shops in search of Audubons. Prices will vary as condition varies with the particular print a key factor.  For instance, everyone wants the Cardinal or Blue Heron, so the price is quite a bit higher than the prints of the Arctic Jaeger or the Fork-tailed Gull.

To aid the collector, I offer a wide range of reference books which describe all editions in the Audubon and Natural History Books section.

Good Hunting!

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